BDBSA Project Metadata Detail

Survey/Project Number: 231          Total No. of Sites: 0
Survey/Project Name: Krefts Tiger Snake Biology (1981-1984, NPWSA and Venom Supplies)
Abstract: The study of the Kreffts tiger snake biology gathered information about the animal to conserve it and it's habitat.
Start Date: 19/10/1981      End Date: 06/01/1984
Survey Type: Vertebrates only
Study Area Description: *** No study area description recorded
         Vegetation: *** No vegetation survey objectives recorded
         Fauna: To study the biology of the Kreffts Tiger Snake including; body temperature, air temperature and ground temperature which were all measured with a mercury thermometre. Water temperature was recorded with a photographic dial thermometre. Length of the snake was measured and weight measured with a Salter 12 0-500gm spring balance. The sex of the animal was recorded, the banding patterns commented on, SVL and TL. Completed. J:\Oracle workspace|BSM_data_transfers\SU226_Kreffts_Tiger_snake_ Baseline_Data.
         Vegetation: *** No vegetation methodology recorded
         Fauna: *** No vertebrate methodology recorded

Data Distribution Rules: Public
Project Basis: Fauna : Rare and Threatened Species Protection Strategies. - Standard Survey methodology used.
Information Authority: Department for Environment and Heritage (BDBSA:Outback) - Regional Ecologist - Deserts