BDBSA Project Metadata Detail

Survey/Project Number: 248          Total No. of Sites: 0
Survey/Project Name: Fire Break and Access Track Monitoring (Lower Fleuireu Peninsula)
Abstract: Assess regrowth along firebreaks and access tracks to determine the maintenance required and the frequency of treatment for their continued and effective use. Also assessing the impact of treatment on native vegetation immediately adjoining fire tracks. Treatment included the slashing and spraying of vegetation. Project prompted by concerns that fire track establishment and maintenance is detrimental to Park. Initial conclusions were that treatments did not affect adjoining vegetation. Monitoring ceased when it was determined that vegetation near the tracks showed no impact.
Start Date: 01/12/1984      End Date: 01/01/1993
Survey Type: Vegetation Only
Study Area Description: *** No study area description recorded
         Vegetation: *** No vegetation survey objectives recorded
         Fauna: *** No fauna survey objectives recorded
         Vegetation: *** No vegetation methodology recorded
         Fauna: *** No vertebrate methodology recorded

Data Distribution Rules: Public
Project Basis: Vegetation : Monitoring - Vegetation/Ecosystem (ie species records - usually re-visited for ongoing monitoring) NOTE:NON Std Svy methodology may have been used.
Information Authority: Department for Environment and Heritage (BDBSA:Adelaide) - Deep Creek Office