BDBSA Project Metadata Detail

Survey/Project Number: 318          Total No. of Sites: 0
Survey/Project Name: Yellow-Tailed Black-Cockatoo Baseline Biological Surveys on Private Land
Abstract: The efforts of the community and certain landholders have been instrumental to the success of the Eyre Peninsula Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo (EPYTBC) project thus far. One of the ongoing objectives of the project is to continue fostering community awareness and support for the EPYTBC, which, through the principles of being a flagship species, can in turn protect and highlight the status of other threatened species on Eyre Peninsula. The EPYTBC Recovery Team feel it is important to be reciprocal in conservation efforts with landholders and feel one way of continuing this awareness and mutual benefit of working together is to offer key landholders the opportunity of a basic flora and fauna survey conducted on their property's remnant vegetation.
Start Date: 29/04/2003      End Date: 10/10/2004
Survey Type: Vegetation and Vertebrates
Study Area Description: *** No study area description recorded
         Vegetation: *** No vegetation survey objectives recorded
         Fauna: Sites numbered 1 - 5 Include Pitfall and Elliot trap lines established 1 - 1/04/04, 2 - 2/04/04, 3 - 10/04/04, 4 - 10/04/04, 5 - 10/04/04
         Vegetation: *** No vegetation methodology recorded
         Fauna: *** No vertebrate methodology recorded

Data Distribution Rules: Public
Project Basis: Fauna : Rare and Threatened Species Protection Strategies. - Standard Survey methodology used.
Information Authority: Department for Environment and Heritage (BDBSA:West) - Pt Lincoln Office - Regional Ecologist