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Survey/Project Number: 470          Total No. of Sites: 8
Survey/Project Name: Response of native veg in response to herbivore management - Flinders Ranges
Abstract: Management of total grazing pressure is a major priority for the maintenance of biodiversity and regeneration of native vegetation communities on the Flinders Ranges National Park. An intensive program of feral goat control commenced in 1993 and broadscale rabbit control works have been undertaken to capitalise on the impact of RHD. A management program for native herbivores commenced in 1999 and eight two-way grazing exclosures have been established in native grassland and former chenopod shrublands to monitor the regeneration of vegetation in culled and unculled areas. Perennial plant density, plant biomass (16x1m2 quadrats) and dung quadrats (16x0.25m2 quadrats) have been measured at the sites.
Start Date: 01/10/1999      End Date: 01/01/2020
Survey Type: Vegetation and Vertebrates
Study Area Description: 4 localities with 2 sets of replicates at sites - Old Blinman Road - Native grassland Blinman Road - former chenepod shrubland Dingly Dell - Native grassland Pantapinna Plain - former chenepod shrubland
         Vegetation: Monitor herbivore exclosures for biomass and dry weight rank of species and perennial plant density at 8 X 2 way sites which represent the major habitats ie native grassland and former chenepod communities in culled and unculled areas
         Fauna: Measure herbivore dung counts at grazing exclosures to provide trend of select herbivore presence.
         Vegetation: Dry Weight Rank of 3 dominant species and Comparative yield estimates for 16 X 1m quadrats. Biomass estimates recorded and calculated kg/ha. Perennial plant spatial mapping and dimensions using quadrat pegs as grids Species inventory with CSR cover estimates and response attributes ie grazed/ungrazed, flowering/resprout/recruitment and dominants
         Fauna: *** No vertebrate methodology recorded

Data Distribution Rules: Public
Project Basis: Vegetation : Monitoring - Vegetation/Ecosystem (ie species records - usually re-visited for ongoing monitoring) NOTE:NON Std Svy methodology may have been used.
Fauna : Distribution - Vegetation/Fauna species (ie ad-hoc opportunistic species records - not usually re-visited) NOTE:NON Std Svy methodology
Information Authority: Department for Environment and Heritage (BDBSA:Outback) - Regional Ecologist - Outback/Ranges