BDBSA Project Metadata Detail

Survey/Project Number: 757          Total No. of Sites: 15
Survey/Project Name: South Australian Elapid snakes - ambush predation vs. active foraging (Geen)
Abstract: This project will study the ecology and behaviour of ambush vs. active foraging Elapid snakes in South Australia. The project will include work on native Elapids in the Eyre Peninsula, Port Jarrold (Port Pirie), Yorke Peninsula, Mount Lofty Ranges and Kangaroo Island. The project began in 2009 and during the first year, data was collected for all Elapid species encountered at the study sites. The project eventually will be narrowed down to focus on the ecology of a few snake species in detail.
Start Date: 01/10/2009      End Date: 31/10/2011
Survey Type: Vertebrates only
Study Area Description: Eyre peninsula, Port Jarrold (Port Pirie), Yorke Peninsula, Mount Lofty ranges and Kangaroo Island.
         Vegetation: *** No vegetation survey objectives recorded
         Fauna: *** No fauna survey objectives recorded
         Vegetation: *** No vegetation methodology recorded
         Fauna: *** No vertebrate methodology recorded

Data Distribution Rules: Public
Project Basis: Fauna : Unclassified - pending reassessment.
Information Authority: Flinders University of SA